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VICTORY! Congratulations and Thanks to everyone who helped oppose this bill. HB 434 passed the House 75 to 18 on 3-3-22 but was not voted out of the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee at the end of December 2022.

UNDER THE RADAR BILL: Ohio House Bill 434 would have created a secretive new Ohio Authority that could dip into the public treasury for unspecified amounts of money to support research and development of what the bill termed an “advanced” nuclear reactor. But the entities behind the bill were promoing old and failed nuclear power technology. All this when the cost of new nuclear power to consumers is 4 to 5 times highther than wind or solar.

THE OHIO NUCLEAR FREE NETWORK led the charge against this bill, with help from the Ohio Green Party, the Cuyahoga Green Party, Our Revolution Ohio, the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, Grassroots Ohio, WGRN-LP FM Columbus, the Columbus Free Press, Midwest Energy News, other groups whose members who worked on this issue, and many dedicated individuals.

A SPECIAL THANKS to the 12 people who sent written testimony to the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Feb. 8, 2022, to the 33 people who sent written testimony to the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee on Dec 6, 2022, and especially to the 10 people who went to the Statehouse to testify on Dec 6. See the OHIO CHANNELVIDEO OF THE DECEMBER 6 HEARING.

The Ohio Nuclear Free Network created a 4-page flier with 28 concise points on why this bill was dangerous and precedent-setting: OHIO HOUSE BILL 434, A RADIOACTIVE TAXPAYER SUBSIDY