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Radiation warning sign in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine

Other Significant Sites

Radiologically-Contaminated Sites in Ohio with Links:

Ohio State University Research Reactor, Columbus, OH, Operating

Battelle Research Reactor, West Jefferson, OH, Closed, Building in Use

Battelle King Avenue Site, Columbus, Closed

Reactive Metals Inc. (RMI), Ashtabula, OH, Closed

Fernald Feed Materials, Cincinnati area, Closed, Superfund Site

Mound Laboratories, Miamisburg, OH, Closed

NASA Plum Brook Reactor, Sandusky, Closed

Piqua Nuclear Gererating Station, Piqua, Closed

Brush Beryllium, Lucky, OH, Closed, $244 Million Ongoing Cleanup (waste moved to MI)

Alba Craft Laboratory, Oxford, OH, Closed

Industrial Excess Landfill, Uniontown, OH, Ketterer Report, Superfund Site

One website lists 38 Ohio factories that used beryllium, with at least 27 of them had also used uranium and other radioactive materials.

Plus, Ohio has dozens of contaminated sites where radioactive materials were handled or stored such as Wright-Patterson AFB, Defense Supply Center Coflumbus (DCSC) in Columbus and Manhattan Project sites. Numerous other sites have been contaminated with radioactive ‘take home’ projects.