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Relicensing of the Perry Nuclear Power Plant


The Ohio Nuclear Free Network and Beyond Nuclear are intervening to challenge the relicensing of the Perry commercial nuclear reactor, located on Lake Erie east of Cleveland.

Many thanks go to attorney Terry Lodge who has done a remarkable job writing the Perry Petition to Intervene-ONFN-BN, filed on 11-28-23. Many thanks to energy expert Ned Ford, who has shown clearly that Perry Electricity Will Not Be Needed

Huge kudos also go to geologist extraordinaire Julie Weatherington-Rice who has written a DEVASTATING and SCARY 54-page Declaration on Perry Geological Problems for the intervention, identifying dozens of serious problems, including active seismic/earthquake dangers, serious dangers of lake erosion cutting both around and under the reactor and its stored high-level radioactive waste

See ONFN’s 12-11-23 Perry License Extension Intervention Press Release highlighting multiple other dangers.

Ohio House Bill 308 Would Turn Nuclear Waste 'Green'


House Bill 308 was introduced into the Ohio House on 10-24-23. Cosponsored by 24 Republicans and 7 Democrats, the bill would “Include energy generated by nuclear reaction as green energy”.

This could divert funding for truly green, renewable energy such as wind and solar to nuclear power. Or more likely, nuclear power speculation.

ONFN’s factsheet OHIO HB 308 Would Turn Nuclear Waste Green outlines the duplicity of this bill. All new nuclear power is going to be funded by the public, while two slated nuclear projects have failed.

The bill is now before the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee.


In The News

Why Oppenheimer's Nuclear Fears Are Just as Relevant Today by Mary Robinson, July 21, 2023 (Link to original article)   Robert J. Oppenheimer’s shadow has stretched well into the 21st century. We are still living in the nuclear age he helped create in 1945, and...

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Reports & Research

ONFN engaged international expert Joe Mangano to analyze cancer and death statistics in Pike County, Ohio. All statistics were gathered from the Ohio Department of Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. The results are shocking: The County's cancer incidence...

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WKRC-TV Emmy Award Winning Reporter Duane Pohlman has 20 video segments on illnesses and radioactive contamination around the Portsmouth Nuclear Site in Piketon, Ohio (PORTS). Video clips are 3-6 minutes long from November 2020 to November 2022. Examples include:...

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