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The Radiation Exposure Compensation (RECA) has compensated people who were exposed to radioactivity from the Nevada Nuclear Test Site, along with some workers participating in atmospheric testing and uranium miners.                               Congress failed to reauthorize RECA in 2023, so it is slated to expire June 7.

A new bill that would renew and expand RECA has passed the U.S. Senate!  Senate Bill 3853 extends RECA for 6 years. S.3853 would offer first-time compensation to communities impacted by the atomic bomb test in New Mexico, as well as impacted residents of 8 other states and Guam. It also includes uranium workers.

PLEASE PHONE, WRITE or EMAIL YOUR U.S. REPRESENTATIVE RIGHT AWAY! At Find Your Congressmember, you can find his/her name, address and phone using your address. You can send them emails from their website. Tell them how important it is to pass RECA, the Radiation and Exposure Compensation Act.

People have been hurt by America’s atomic/nuclear industries. How is the U.S. defending its people when they become sickened by defense industries? Citizens cannot be sacrificed in the name of defense.

CALLS AND EMAILS ARE ALSO NEEDED TO U.S. HOUSE SPEAKER MIKE JOHNSON. (202-225-2777.                 He can decide whether to bring up the measure in the House. He is not a RECA opponent and needs pressure.

The White House has signaled that President Biden would sign the bill if it reaches his desk. PLEASE ACT TODAY.

Ohio House Bill 308 Would Turn Nuclear Waste 'Green'


House Bill 308 was introduced into the Ohio House on 10-24-23. Cosponsored by 24 Republicans and 7 Democrats, the bill would “Include energy generated by nuclear reaction as green energy”.

This could divert funding for truly green, renewable energy such as wind and solar to nuclear power. Or more likely, nuclear power speculation.

ONFN’s factsheet OHIO HB 308 Would Turn Nuclear Waste Green outlines the duplicity of this bill. All new nuclear power is going to be funded by the public, while two slated nuclear projects have failed.

The bill is now before the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee.


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Reports & Research

ONFN engaged international expert Joe Mangano to analyze cancer and death statistics in Pike County, Ohio. All statistics were gathered from the Ohio Department of Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. The results are shocking: The County's cancer incidence...

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WKRC-TV Emmy Award Winning Reporter Duane Pohlman has 20 video segments on illnesses and radioactive contamination around the Portsmouth Nuclear Site in Piketon, Ohio (PORTS). Video clips are 3-6 minutes long from November 2020 to November 2022. Examples include:...

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